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The New Exhibiton

On 13th April 2012 the new exhibition was opened for the public. Responsible for the research was Dr. Marc Bartuschka. The new exhibition is located in the visitor centre and the great barn. Authentic exhibits such as mess tins as well as an accurate scale model complete the exhibition. The research was supported by the Buchenwald Memorial Foundation.

The entire memorial site can be explored on foot. All former camp facilities are explained. Read more about the facilities under Opens internal link in current windowThe Place

The Barn

View inside the barn, in the foreground is the slate altar

Comprehensive exhibition about the camp history with special focus on deportation, forced labour and daily routine in the camp


Visitor Centre

A wide angle view of the new visitor centre

The events in Schmiedebach are set into relation with the larger context of armament industry and the history of the Oertelsbruch Quarry.