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The image shows the new visitor centre
The new visitor centre opened in 2012 and can be used for events and workshops. (Photo: A. Kreher)

Laura's role in the armament industry

The exhibition in the visitor centres is designed to set the events in Schmiedebach into relation with the larger context of the armament industry.  Another aspect of the exhibition is the history of slate mining in the Oertelsbruch Quarry. A true-to-scale model of the camp shows the situation in Winter 1943/44. Visitors can watch an introductory film about the history of the subcamp. 

Topics of the exhibition

  • History of the buildings
  • Slate mining in Schmiedebach
  • Chronology of the subcamp
  • Subcamp system of the concentration camp Buchenwald
  • War plant "Vorwerk Mitte Lehesten"
  • Death marches