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Learning centre and international meeting place

As an authentic learning centre and international meeting place the Laura memorial inseminates knowledge about a dark chapter of German history.

The intensive meetings with former inmates of different backgrounds have left a lasting impression. They serve as a reminder of the terrible events of the past. With his last wish to find his final resting place on the premises of the camp, former inmate Herman van Hasselt set a symbolic example of prevailing over inhumanity and barbarism.

Regular workshops with groups of pupils not only foster awareness for history but also hand down the legacy of the survivors to the following generations.

Inmates' Area

View of the great barn today. To the right lays the camp kitchen

The section for prisoners: accommodation, functional buildings and other sites



The image shows the former SS-Area with the guards' accommodation and washing room today

Section of the SS including the guards' accommodation, camp fence and transformer station



Commemorative stone for the victims of the KZ-Laura

Places of commemoration, quietness and recollection on the premises of the memorial


Slate Quarry

View of the quarry today

The Oertelsbruch slate quarry as a place of slave work for the camp inmates