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Block II, view of the slate building
Block II (Photo: District Administration)

Block 2

This threepart building was erected before 1876. It served as residence for employees of the Oertel company with stables on the ground floor. During camp time the building hosted the inmates' orderly room as well as the quarters for smaller commandos of skilled workers such as carpenters and electricians. Unlike the construction workers most of these skilled labourers were spared from working in shifts. Therefore, living conditions in Block 2 were slightly better.

In the early days of the camp Block 2 also housed the infirmary, the "mercy area" for prisoners that were unable to work and the detention cell. These were later moved to other buildings.

After the war, Block 2 was again used as a residence building. In 2001 the former stables that had served as mass quarters during camp time werde transformed to apartments. The slate walls were plastered. In 2011 and 2012 some of the apartments were turned into the new visitor centre that contains part of the exposition.