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Several places for commemoration, reflection and quietness have been established on the site.

Memorial stone

Memorial stone

The memorial stone cut out of one large slate block was erected on the 13th April 1956. It signifies the nucleus of the memorial site. Regularly wreath-laying ceremonies are held at the stone.


Urn grave of Herman van Hasselt

Resting place of Herman van Hasselt

The urn of former Dutch inmate Herman van Hasselt according to his last wish was buried on the camp ground in September 2009. He wanted to express his solidarity with his former comrades that had suffered and died at Laura. He also wanted to create political pressure to secure the existence of the memorial site for the following generations.

The plaque has the following text: former subcamp Laura: between 1943 and 1945 up to 600 prisoners had to live in this barn under inhumane conditions

Commemorative plaque

The plaque is placed on the great barn, the former Opens internal link in current windowBlock 1.

Slate altar with burning candles

Slate altar

The slate alter was set up to commemorate the prisoners that died in the camp. It is located in the great barn.