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SS area with the former washing house and the guards' accommodation.
The former SS area with the washing house on the left and the guards' accomodation on the right (photo: A. Kreher)

SS area

The former SS area was located outside the camp fence next to the inmates' section. The area, where the camp commander and the guards lived is part of the cultural heritage site and is also protected by law.

Accommodation of guards

This building outside the barbed wire fence accommodated the camp guards. They lodged quite luxuriously and had their own cinema. When the camp was established less than 40 men guarded the prisoners. This number increased to 150 in Winter 1943/44. When most of the construction work in the quarry was finished the number of guards was reduced to about 80. With the exception of officers most SS guards were so called "Volksdeutsche" - ethnic Germans living abroad. In Summer 1944 some of these guards were replaced by soldiers from the Luftwaffe that were assigned to the SS.

Until 2011 the Christian organisation Christliche Jugenddorfwerk (CJD) used the buildings for the treatment of youths suffering from addiction.  

Dog kennels

Here the dogs of the SS guards were kept. The SS used dogs to guard the camps and the prisoners when they worked outside the camp.

Camp gate

The camp gate was the only access to the camp. Most prisoners marched out to work from here. The gate was not preserved.

Camp fence

The camp was surrounded by a triple fence. One of them was an electric fence.


Watch towers

Six watch towers completed the camp fence and prohibited the escape of inmates. Some of the towers were equipped with spotlights that searched the camp at night. When the camp was reduced in Summer 1944 the tower next to the former Block 3 with the Italian Militaries lost its function. Today only the concrete foundations of four towers are still visible, the rest of the towers had been removed after the war.

Transformer station

This transformer supplied the electric fence that surrounded the camp with power. Today only the foundation remains.